How to Tame a Cat in Minecraft Step by Step

Cats in Minecraft are mobs, and they are tamed from Ocelots to cats. Are you a cat lover? And also love to play Minecraft then read this post till the end we will be sharing step by step guide how to tame a cat in Minecraft. Everywhere we used “You” is for the player.

How to Tame a Cat in Minecraft

Just like in reading life, taming cats in Minecraft is also pretty easy, as what they enjoy in real life fish and also in-game feeding the fresh raw fish to them. You can find the stray cats in all villages, and they can be tamed then kept as pets.

Conditions to Tame a Cat (Ocelot) in Minecraft

  • You can only tame if the ocelot is begging for food or try to approach you in the game very slowly.
  • Don’t make any sudden fast movement. Let the ocelot approach you.
  • Ocelot should be within three blocks away from you.

Steps to Tame a Cat in Minecraft

  1. You need to build a fishing rod that can be made from sticks and string. In total, you will need 3 sticks and 2 rods. Place the sticks diagonally.
  2. Now you can go fishing, by this you can obtain a raw fish which can be later fed to a cat. Please do not cook the fish as a cat only likes raw fish.
  3. Now go to the jungle or village find the cats which you can tame. Do not approach them, wait for them to contact you as running behind them, or trapping them in the corner will not help you in any way to tame them.
  4. Don’t frighten them or make any sudden movement just equip the raw fish in the toolbar and once the cat is three blocks away, try to attract them and once, they are close enough, feed them with raw fish. Feed them until you see hearts popping up.
  5. Now once one cat is tamed, you can try with another cat for breeding.
  6. After taming two cats, you need to feed them with more raw fish for a kitten. But in order to get a kitten, one cat should be moving, and another can be sitting.

Gifts you can get once the cat is tamed in Minecraft

You can get a gift (Rabbit’s foot, Rabbit hide, String, Rotten flesh, Feather, Raw chicken, Phantom membrane) from your tame cat only if you sleep in night; usually cats sleep near the player once the player wakes up then tamed cats also do the same.

The behavior of cats in Minecraft

  • You can instruct cats to sit.
  • Cats can sit on your chest, bed, or any active furnace.
  • Wolves cannot attach cats tamed or untamed.
  • Cats can float in water.
  • Kittens cannot float in water; they will drown if not saved.
  • Cats can hiss on phantoms when they approach to a player.
  • Cats also like cod.

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